Saturday 20 January 2018

Florence Horsman-Hogan: In the age of Facebook, we're losing our ability to flirt

The human race has forgotten to work on communication, writes 'intellectual slapper' Florence Horsman-Hogan

'YOU know, Flo, at times you can have seriously come-hither eyes." As this fella is one of my 'hurt-me-with-the-truth-but-never-comfort-me-with-a-lie' friends, I took him very seriously and got all worried.

Jeez. In my book 'come-hithers' either belong to women who want to convey a romantic interest in their target -- or those who charge by the hour. And as a girl who's lived in blissful harmony with the love of my life for the last 25 years I definitely wasn't either of those. And I'm no Lolita either.

Knowing my hypersensitivity to the unspoken rather than the spoken word, he went on to explain himself in an attempt at mollification.

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