Wednesday 13 December 2017

Fiona O'Connell: 'Chick lit' label speaks volumes about prejudice

Lay of The Land

Fiona O'Connell

A NEW year often prompts positive resolutions to become better people. But given the epidemic of suicide in this country, they can also be a sign that we don't love and accept ourselves as we are.

Mental illness affects even those who seem to have it all, like bestselling novelist Marian Keyes. Her tendency to depression can hardly be helped by having her life's work branded as 'chick lit'.

For while labels may be necessary, 'chick lit' is an insidious and sexist one. It's foisted only on women authors who write about women's lives and admit to enjoying 'girly' concerns, like fashion. But don't women's lives include everyone and everything? Isn't an interest in style shared by both sexes?

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