Saturday 18 November 2017

Fianna Fail's defence of the Church has been shameful

Senan Molony

Fianna Fail still doesn't get it. The major political party on this island cosied up to the Catholic Church for decades, kissed any bishop's ring going and contented itself with the knowledge that both their powerful institutions, along with the GAA, formed the very pillars of the Church-State complex making up Old Ireland.

It's arguable that out of that Holy Trinity, only one has moved with the times. And that's the modern GAA, an inclusive, tolerant force for good -- whereas once it may partly have acted as an agent of narrow nationalism.

The sins of the Catholic Church are legion, and lie exposed again. But Catholicism was one of the bedrocks of Fianna Fail, and the party has pandered to the prelates for almost all of its existence.

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