Saturday 20 January 2018

FG to take some body blows but Labour will have the bloody nose

Despite tailwinds of an economic recovery, the elections will be choppy for one half of the Coalition

Source: Sunday Independent Millward Brown poll
Source: Sunday Independent Millward Brown poll

Paul Moran

The results of this latest Sunday Independent/ Millward Brown opinion poll, conducted over a 10-day period up to last Tuesday, points to a divergence in fortunes between the two government parties. Ordinarily, mid-term poll results can be explained away by being exactly that; being mid-term, with no discernible litmus test on the horizon.

But this springtime we have the added spice of both local and European elections – the first time the government parties will return to the national stage since their triumph of February 2011. Both, but in particular the Labour Party, are running out of track if they want to avoid a bloody nose on May 23.

Of course, local elections in particular (and to a lesser extent European elections) have a tendency to do that – allow the electorate to blow off some steam. Notwithstanding this, Labour is at a critical stage in the life cycle of this Government. The storm clouds looming over the party continue to darken.

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