Monday 18 December 2017

FG drama ignores harsh reality of banking crisis

Fine Gael needs to wise up -- Labour is leading in the polls because Kenny fails to connect with voters, writes Eamon Delaney

Eamon Delany

If ever there was an example of the dislocation of Irish political life from the reality of what's happening in our lives, it was last week's Fine Gael leadership vote. For two days, the media (myself among them) were huddled around the plinth outside Leinster House with politicians, speculating on the drama of Richard and Enda: who'll support who, who'll get the jobs.

In the classic way of Irish political fixation, the focus was all 'process, process', devoid of real sense of policy or issues.

Meanwhile, inside the house, Brian Lenihan was announcing to an empty chamber that the controversial bank guarantee was being extended. On the day before, another day of 'drama' on the plinth, it was almost blithely announced that the €22bn sunk into Anglo Irish Bank was unlikely ever to be recovered. Gone. Down the swanny. Not millions, but billions.

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