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Feisty Hit-Girl is a positive role model -- and a rare kick in the ass

Not since Sarah Michelle Gellar kicked ass as Buffy the Vampire Slayer has popular culture seen such a feisty, self-determining, empowered example of female adolescence as Hit-Girl, the protagonist of much touted new action flick, Kick-Ass. But there's a rub. The film, though not yet released, is already mired in controversy. Hit-Girl is a foul-mouthed, bloodthirsty assassin, who asks for a knife for her birthday, and is perfectly at ease plugging villains. Oh, and she's 11 years old.

Cue, naturally, a chorus of opprobrium. And much hand-wringing over the social impact of glorifying, not just violence, but violence committed, and relished in, by children.

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