Sunday 22 April 2018

Failed by both the PC brigade and the law

Eamon Delaney recounts the siege of a once-proud neighbourhood, and the censorship against naming the problem as the anti-social disorder it is

SOMETIMES you feel that there are two parallel worlds, one where there is a specific approved discourse on a subject, and then there is the real world where people actually say and think something completely different.

One of these subjects is the controversial issue of the Roma, prevalent throughout Europe and, as we know here, in Ireland, where the Roma gypsies operate with gangs of beggars, working the streets, shoplifting and using their children as props for both activities, not to mention blighting an area with debris and run-down housing.

However, to whole swathes of opinion, to say this is to be guilty of 'racism' and 'stereotyping' -- even if what you're saying is invariably completely true. Or else it is 'the fault of society' that these people wantonly behave as they do. Roma children do not go to school, but somehow this is our fault, or the fault of 'society at large'.

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