Sunday 17 December 2017

Every bad day is just another Good Friday

So is a resurrection around the corner, asks Brendan O'Connor

THERE was something funny about Good Friday this year. You couldn't quite put your finger on it; it just didn't seem as bad as it usually does. And then slowly it dawned. Nothing had really changed about Good Friday. It was as grim as it has always been. It was every other day that had changed.

So while Good Friday was equally grim, what we were comparing it with was a little bit grimmer. So, in relative terms, Good Friday wasn't that bad. Because the bottom line is that our everyday life, all the other days, have become a little bit more like Good Friday. The gap is closing to the point where Good Friday was nearly just like any other day in Ireland, a country that is living through a long Good Friday.

All the things that used to depress us about Good Friday -- half the shops and the pubs shut down, a kind of grim air about the streets, lots of people with no jobs to go to, the place strangely deserted, most of us only having a collation for lunch, and a general air of martyrdom and flagellation around the place -- are now just features of everyday life. And, of course, we are all constantly in mourning for the day our god, the Celtic Tiger, died. And despite the fact that it's been dead a while, we still mourn it over and over again.

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