Thursday 14 December 2017

Even the IMF knows that he is the law -- at least at home

He would have been great at negotiating our bailout, but even Sir Alex finds foreigners far from an easy touch, writes Declan Lynch

IT is perhaps the longest period of unbroken tyranny in the western world. And like all tyrannies it has brought many kinds of grief to the multitudes, and happiness only to the favoured few.

Sir Alex Ferguson, who will be 69 years old on New Year's Eve, recently became the longest-serving Manchester United manager, longer than Sir Matt Busby, who was said by everyone who met him to be a very pleasant man, a charming man.

Ferguson would be having none of that. Still deeply embittered by success, there have been little flashes of pleasantness and charm along the way, when it has suited his purposes, but mostly he has been a man driven by rage and unreason, driven all day, and all of the night.

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