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'Even dogs on street' know Quinn wife had no interest in business

PATRICIA QUINN enjoys a game of golf.

When she isn't at her beautiful home in Ballyconnell, the mother-of-five can often be seen playing the course at the nearby Slieve Russell hotel.

But you are just as likely to meet her doing her grocery shopping in the Cavan town.

"She would pop into the Londis in Ballyconnell and do her grocery shop like a lot of local women and she might live in a big house but there are no airs or graces with her," a close friend told the Irish Independent this week.

"I don't think I ever heard her talk about business. She'd be more likely to talk about the weather."

Patricia Quinn does most of the Quinn family shopping in Ballyconnell, using the local butcher's and pharmacy.

She was repeatedly described by locals last night as "quiet" and "unassuming" and "very ordinary".

But her husband is the businessman Sean Quinn so her life is anything but quiet or ordinary at the moment.

"She's just an ordinary woman and not the high- powered business executive that her husband was," said one regular on the course.

"Patricia is a very private person and she would be mortified by all this publicity.

"She's intelligent all right, but she never gave the impression of any interest in business; that's what Sean did."

But those sentiments and Mrs Quinn's reputation as a homemaker had cut little ice in a Dublin courtroom earlier yesterday.

One source close to Mr Quinn said that while his wife was a director of several companies, she knew nothing about the running of them.

"Honestly, Patricia was down as a director on paper but not in reality," said the source. "She'd never have a conversation about concrete or car insurance. She'd find that a total bore."

Other friends insisted last night that she took no interest in her husband's extensive businesses and was "completely naive" about them. "She is the rock of that family, but wouldn't know an interest rate from an investment," one woman said.

Her lack of interest in all business things relating to Sean Quinn is so well-known around the Border towns of Derrylin and Ballyconnell "that even the dogs on the streets would tell you about it" another said.

Local parish priest Father Gerry Comiskey said the community in Ballyconnell was supporting Mrs Quinn.

"She has been a greatly loved member of this community for more than 40 years."

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