Saturday 25 November 2017

Europe will listen when we start to make noise

When the State thinks our savings are there for the taking, it's time to say 'enough', writes Brendan O'Connor

There was much solemn talk the weekend we took the EU/IMF bailout about our loss of sovereignty, but as time goes on it becomes clear that none of us understood how real that loss of sovereignty would become.

The proposed raid on our pensions by the Government last week, a raid of which some have questioned the legality and the constitutionality, has been a tipping point for most people. Somehow, up to now, we have put up with being raped and robbed to pay off other people's debts. But the great pension grab has led us to finally realise that democracy has now been suspended in this country and the current administration, as a collaborator with the German forces of economic occupancy, is willing to do whatever it wishes to appease the ruling colonial powers. We are now living in an economic dictatorship where even your savings are not safe anymore. Anything the Government wishes to do to try and rebuild this economy in any way will have to be taken from the rest of us, and the rest of us will have no say in this thievery.

In a way it is our own fault. We, after all, were the ones who voted in a government that had such a massive majority it would never need to be answerable to the people. We were the ones, who, in our frenzy to wipe Fianna Fail from the face of the earth, voted in a tiny, fragmented, impotent opposition. We were the ones, who, in our quest for change, gave absolute power to this Government. And very quickly we discovered that the only change would be that this Government would be stronger than the last and thus more able to walk all over us. They would pursue the exact same economic policies as the last Government, but while the last Government were compromised and in a state of breakdown, so there was some hope of arguing with them. This Government has strength, a strength given to it by us, but a strength it is not using for our benefit.

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