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Europe must form a fully federal union or it will fall apart completely

THIS past Friday, November 11th marked Armistice Day, the date when the guns fell silent over the western front and the European 'war to end all wars' came to a close. History has taught us that this Armistice Day was not the end of Europe's blood soaked century but just the opening chapter.

The next installment in the tragedy then yet to be written, would take place in the Great Hall of Versailles, where a small group of countries, urged on by an understandably bitter and near fatally wounded French elite, saddled Europe's losing side with treaty terms so punitive and unjust, that they were to become an explosive vapour seeping across the smoldering embers of Europe's rivalries and discontent, embers that Europe's political elites had convinced themselves, had permanently been extinguished.

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