Saturday 20 January 2018

Enda's jaw visibly drops as Gay wins party nod


Lise Hand

GOBSMACKED. It's the only word to describe the flabbergasted expression on the visage of the Taoiseach when Gay Mitchell was declared winner in the high-stakes Aras Hurdle.

Having played his cards cunningly close to his chest for the past few weeks by refusing to endorse one candidate or the other -- to the point that when he listed them off in any speech he scrupulously added "in alphabetical order" every time -- Enda's poker face finally slipped.

Maybe it was apt that the ballroom in Dublin's Regency Hotel had two bookings on Saturday; the first being Fine Gael's selection convention to pick a runner for the Aras, and the second a Dickie Rock gig. After all, it's long been said that politics is showbiz for ugly people.

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