Friday 20 April 2018

Enda puts the boot into Vincent over three-way debate hoohah

Lise Hand

Lise Hand

It had been a largely uneventful day on the campaign trail until the Roscrea Refusenik decided to take out Vincent Browne with an unmerciful tackle which would've brought tears to the flinty eyes of a Tipperary hurler.

The whole debate hoohah of threesomes versus five-ways has stuck to Enda Kenny like dog-doo clings to a shoe. No matter where he goes on the hustings, he can't shake off the noxious claims that he's running scared of a head-to-head-to-head between himself, Eamon Gilmore and Micheal Martin.

And so at a doorstep interview in Roscrea yesterday afternoon, with the clock ticking towards TV3's proposed three-leader debate next Tuesday, Enda hurled a fresh curve-ball into the kerfuffle. For not only was he against the notion of a three-way debate, but he was also against having any truck with its moderator.

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