Monday 23 October 2017

Enda jets off, shoes in his hand, to bend the ears of Europe's mama and papa

Sure all this slashing and cutting and snipping and raising and abolishing is a tiring business, you know. Quite exhausting, in fact.

Who could blame Enda for fancying a bit of post-Budget R&R in the south of France? Y'know, gather a few pals, nip down on the oul' jet (just pop into some handy head of government en route to make it official, like) and do a bit of sauntering along la Croisette in Cannes?

But quelle dommage -- those heady days have gone the way of dead things like the dodo and Anglo. And so last night, after two days of Budget bickering and a day of introducing a new euphemism into the political lexicon -- the Taoiseach announced yesterday that the ill-judged cut to disability allowances for young people has been "paused", subject to review, or in other words it's already fitted up in a concrete overcoat and is sleeping with the fishes -- Enda took to the skies.

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