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'Emily was a lovely calm child with a great nature'

LIFE had been a struggle for Emily from the moment she took her first breath.

The little girl was born to two adoring parents, Dr Bernie Scully -- a well-known GP in Tullamore -- and her estranged husband, restaurant owner and talented chef, Haluk Barut.

Friends described how there were complications during birth and baby Emily was deprived of vital oxygen.

She was born profoundly disabled.

Emily had to use a wheelchair and found it difficult to hold up her head, or do any of the things most children master with ease.

Emily's parents' world was turned upside down but they dearly loved their daughter.

"I feel terrible saying this, but Bernie Scully will not want to pull through. She's in the intensive care but she won't want to wake up.

"How will she cope without her only daughter? She was completely dedicated to her child and did absolutely everything for her," said a source close to Dr Scully.

Sadly, Emily's health had deteriorated in the weeks before her lifeless body was discovered at the family's home on Clonminch Road on Saturday night.

"Poor Emily was really bad, it was terrible to see how downhill she went in the past while. Bernie had been off work at the surgery for the past three months taking care of her," a friend said.

"There is no mother as good -- no mother would mind her child as good as Bernie did. She's an amazing woman but I don't know how she will cope without Emily."

A small bunch of coloured roses, a stuffed dog and an envelope with the name 'Emily' scrawled in biro were placed outside the family's large detached home last night.

A garda van was parked in the driveway of the home.


Behind the tall wooden fence, forensic investigators trawled inside the house to look for clues about what happened to the 11-year-old and her mum.

A short walk from Dr Scully's house, cars were pulling up outside her sister's residence in Tullamore.

Stunned relatives and friends comforted the family. There was sympathy everywhere for Dr Scully in Tullamore -- as one after another, neighbours, friends and patients described a "caring, loving mother" who lived for her daughter.

"Emily had the most beautiful brown eyes, thick black lashes and brown hair," said a source close to the family.

"She was a lovely calm child with a great nature. Her mother clearly adored her and her minders were so good to her, they all loved Emily so much."

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