Thursday 18 January 2018

Emer O'Kelly: There is nothing cute or cuddly about murder toll

While Gerry Adams tweets from his teddy bear, Emer O'Kelly recalls her horror at a mob lynching

IREMEMBER March 19 of 25 years ago. I remember it because I sat in an RTE studio, transfixed in horror, as I watched, live, two men being lynched by a mob. I was the newscaster on duty for the bulletin which announced what happened to David Howes and Derek Wood.

They were British Army corporals in plain clothes, and they drove by accident into the funeral cortege in Belfast of a "republican", Caoimhin MacBradaigh, one of three victims of the "loyalist" murderer Michael Stone during the funeral of one of the so-called "Gibraltar Three".

"Feelings were running high" was the phrase usually used on such occasions. It was the catch-all for the litany of gruesome murder and brutality that Sinn Fein would like us all to forget about, and which dishonoured the word republican as loyalist brutality dishonoured allegiance to the Queen.

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