Monday 20 November 2017

Emer O'Kelly: Some theories on exercise don't have a leg to stand on

Quality of life in old age is not about being able to run marathons, but about being mentally agile and content, writes Emer O'Kelly

HOW many of us want to live to be 120? Or even 100? Professor Walter Bortz, Clinical Professor of Medicine at Stanford University in the US, believes that 120 should be (and probably will become) the natural span.

And he has formed his theories after serving as a primary care physician for dozens of centenarians. The secret, he believes, is physical exercise.

Use it or lose it, in other words. And the good professor practices what he preaches: still working at the day job, he runs 16 miles a week, and has completed 41 marathons, including Boston as recently as 2010. A man in the prime of life, you might think. Well, by his own standards, he is: he's 82.

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