Wednesday 17 January 2018

Emer O'Kelly: Food-ignorant mothers need a healthy dose of reality

We shy away from telling parents they are failing their children by not giving them proper nutrition, writes Emer O'Kelly

A LITTLE boy hadn't known carrots and potatoes came out of the ground. Other little boys were each given a pea pod and then shown how to open it to get at the peas. They hadn't realised that peas came in pods rather than singly; or for that matter where they came from in the first place.

A grown-up had no idea that mayonnaise, the "mayo" that she dolloped over every burger and sandwich, was made with eggs. It's called "food poverty". It should also be called "food ignorance".

But it's nothing to do with class, which bluntly is what we mean when we talk about "education". There are probably damn near as many gym-using, manicured stay-at-home mums who haven't a clue about nutrition as defeated single mums on deprived housing estates who think the specks of tomato in a mass-produced pizza count as healthy vegetables.

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