Wednesday 13 December 2017

Eilis O'Hanlon: Never mind the toddlers and tiaras, child sexualisation is all around us

The world of child beauty pageants is a weird subculture, but it's just a little bubble, writes Eilis O'Hanlon

SO the US-style child beauty pageant went ahead anyway, despite the combined disapproval of TDs, Tubridy and Twitter. The event that was too hot to handle for a Dublin hotel found a warm welcome at a pub/restaurant in Co Monaghan. The glamour of showbiz indeed.

It's at times like this when all nice middle-class Irish people must wish they were French. In France, they've banned this sort of thing. Along with the hijab, though obviously we couldn't interfere with a woman's right to be treated as if her existence was a provocation to all God-fearing men. But kiddie pageants? Ban the lot of 'em. Lock up the parents. Et. Cet. Era.

The tut-tutters have a point. If you dress your pint-size daughter in a diamante-spangled swimsuit whilst she sings a dubstep version of My Heart Belongs To Daddy, you're obviously a very strange person. It's also nice to see left-leaning metropolitan types get in touch with their inner conservative, because normally they pretend as if parenting should be an anything-goes, one-family-set-up-is-as-good-as-another free for all.

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