Tuesday 20 February 2018

Eilis O'Hanlon: Celebrities are blinded by starlight

You can't have your moral cake and eat it without putting on a few pounds, writes Eilis O'Hanlon

Proving once again that some people still think irony is an adjective used to describe things with a lot of iron in them, Sean Penn pops up to decry the modern obsession with celebrity, blissfully ignoring the fact that the only reason anyone is listening to a word he says is because he is a celebrity himself, albeit one with a progressively weakening pull.

Put it this way: I can be heard decrying the cult of celebrity every time I realise Xpose is about to start on TV3, but my grumbling rarely makes the headlines on the morning news. Even more ironic was that Penn made his comments whilst promoting his new movie, This Must Be The Place, at the Sundance Film Festival. This is a film that also stars Bono's teenage daughter, Eve Hewson -- which itself has been used as a peg on which to hang the film's promotion, since it's about an ageing rock star in Ireland. The reviews say Hewson is terrific, but the ever-decreasing circles of celebrity in the whole enterprise do rather recall the legendary weejy weejy bird, which only had one wing, meaning it flew round and round in circles until it disappeared up its own rear end.

The perfect metaphor for celebrity.

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