Friday 17 November 2017

Edel Coffey: Knowing him ... how Alan Partridge booked Christmas


NOVEMBER is when the book trade goes into overdrive. The lead-up to Christmas sees the shelves stocked full of 'toilet' books on trivia and the shops full of vulnerable gift buyers, desperate to tick names off their list.

A particular favourite at this time of year is the celebrity (C-list) biography ghostwritten, complete with suitably reimagined childhoods and airbrushed memories, poised to cash in on the Christmas shopper's uncertainty. Jordan has already written four autobiographies - her latest is entitled You Only Live Once, a seeming contradiction with four memoirs under her belt, while Wayne Rooney famously signed a £5m five-book deal. The 12-year contract, signed in 2006, has yet to yield book two.

Comedian Steeve Coogan has spent the best part of 20 years working on his master creation, the cringe-worthy fictional radio DJ, Alan Partridge. Unbearably uncool, Partridge is the manifestation of every insincere, small-time, local television celebrity, blithely unaware of his xenophobia, proud of his ignorance and desperate to be seen as down with the kids through his failed attempts at adopting cool lingo.

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