Friday 20 April 2018

Echoes of his own words hit Norris

David Norris was leading the race to the Park, but old quotes-- and not just those given to Helen Lucy Burke -- threatened that, says Jerome Reilly

AT 7.30 last Sunday night, a new post appeared on the widely browsed website, headlined: "Will David Norris's views on ephebophilia be an issue?" The anonymous author, username Cyperian Pan, wrote: "This Magill article from 2002 appears to have Norris as pro-ephebophilia (sexual activity between post-pubescent young teenagers and adults)."

The post then provided a link to the original article in Magill, written by Helen Lucy Burke, before continuing: "Also, I recall some eyebrow-raising comments over the O Searcaigh issue. Attraction to sexually mature teenagers is, of course, a perfectly natural response, though something society seeks to prohibit on ethical grounds. Personally, I think this should be open to debate and I see no issue with Norris's views."

Cyperian Pan concluded his post: "What do folks think? Should this become an issue? Will it become an issue? And if so, how?"

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