Thursday 19 April 2018

Eamon's 'clowns' having the last laugh

Who could not feel the glow of schadenfreude watching Dunphy get 'Dunphy-ed' live on TV, writes Eilis O'Hanlon

HE called Portuguese footballer Cristiano Ronaldo a "puffball", a "self-indulgent idiot", and a "petulant brat" given to "poncing around". Niall Quinn was a "creep"; Harry Kewell a "fat clown"; Jose Mourinho was "poisonous"; and Mick McCarthy not only a "boil on the arse of humanity", but "one of the biggest whingers in world football".

Eamon Dunphy doesn't just restrict himself to sporting insults either. When the invectives are flying, everyone is fair game. Bono was a "pompous git"; Niall Crowley of the Equality Authority was called a "f***er" live on air; more recently, David Norris's presidential ambitions were shot down as the delusions of a "playground show off" who was "in love with the sound of his own voice". Pat Kenny, John Hume, Mary Robinson, Dick Spring's Labour Party -- all were on the receiving end more than once.

True to form, on Monday's first edition of RTE's new late-night election show, Eleventh Hour, politicians were contemptuously dismissed en masse with that favourite Dunphyesque epithet: "clowns". He had "no respect" for any of them, he declared.

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