Monday 19 February 2018

Each mother makes her own sacrifices

Florence Horsman Hogan used to rant about 'social welfare mothers' but now she recognises the price they can pay

I'VE always been very sanctimonious about my ideas on motherhood. As each of our mewling babies were placed into my horrified arms, I couldn't get them into the Moses basket quickly enough to gallop out the door to my nursing career, where I'd quite happily work every hour God sent to provide for them financially. Although having the mothering instincts of a spoilt poodle, it's always been my contention that, if there's a choice, a mother owes it to the offspring to give them the best security and love by any means available. Ironically, what one woman regards as being the right choice can be what another would be totally convinced is wrong.

For me, there was never any question but that I'd continue on in my career in order for hubby and I to give our children what we considered to be important tools for life -- a 'good background', a financially secure upbringing, and the best education we could provide.

The upside of this, of course, is that we've so far achieved what we set out to do with our family. Being able to afford private education and tuition when it was needed has set our two oldest well on the road to good careers. Hobbies such as tennis, guitar-playing and judo lessons have never been denied them, and all four are well-versed in travelling abroad and have excellent social interaction skills, thanks to the innate confidence that a relatively affluent lifestyle can bring.

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