Monday 26 February 2018

Drummed into us that this is a land where no one takes responsibility

As the country falls apart at the seams it's clear that no one thinks that they may share some of the blame, says Carol Hunt

LAST Sunday, the car being out of action, myself and the other half availed of public transport. "Return or single to Blackrock?" asked the man at the counter, kindly interrupting his chat on the phone to serve us. "Single," we answered, taking our tickets and trooping up the stairs to the platform. Glancing at the sign which informs passengers of the next train's arrival time and destination, we were astonished to see that no trains that day would take us to Blackrock as they all terminated at Lansdowne Road.

Perhaps it wasn't in his job description, but did the guy "working" the desk not think there was something amiss in selling people tickets to places that trains weren't going to?

A couple of days later, and I have to get through the city to collect the kids. I can't. A large group of taxi drivers and their cars are preventing public use of the city centre. It's mayhem. Tourists are bewildered and locals are furious. And no, this isn't a "strike", seemingly it's just a "protest".

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