Monday 11 December 2017

Don't shoot messengers, especially if they're right

With economic analysis now being replaced by a witch-hunt, Marc Coleman defends his record during the boom

Where were you on Easter Monday 1916? In the GPO with the lads, or under a bed? Or worse still, fighting for the other side? Chances are you weren't even born. But the question has a contemporary ring to it. You see a similar question is doing the rounds right now: Where were you during the boom? Fighting the bankers and warning about recession or staying silent? Or worse, cheering the boom on while buying property?

Last week on the Late Late Show Kevin Myers admitted to investing tens of thousand of euro in UK property in 2006. A man of integrity, Kevin has admitted what many won't (he would've have been mounting the guns on the Helga too, and wouldn't have been shy about boasting about it afterwards, but that's another story).

With economic analysis now being replaced by a witch-hunt, it's a brave thing to do. I'm not sure where I'd have been in 1916, but I'm damn sure about where I was during the boom. In a rogues' gallery of sorts, one newspaper last week published a photo of me alongside other darlings like Seanie Fitz, Bertie Ahern and Sean Quinn. The tagline "Players in the recession" was accompanied by a Where are they now?-style blurb on each of us. The gist appeared to be: Had we been put up against a wall and shot, or were we still enjoying life and liberty?

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