Thursday 23 November 2017

Don't kill health service to pay goons

Foolish foreign investors should not get a higher priority than the well-being of our own citizens, writes John Crown

THE decision to rescue the Anglo Irish Bank investors will strangle our health service. Three years ago I wrote in the Sunday Independent that the time to save for a rainy day was when the sun was shining, and the time to protect the health service from recession was when the economy was strong.

Our failure to reform the system, which still depends on bureaucratically determined central government largesse, and which incentivises inactivity, not efficiency, means that it can only respond in one way to stringency, and that is to curtail services.

Like the scientist who warned at the start of Jurassic Park that the newly cloned dinosaurs would likely eat their jubilant creators, I hate to be right all the time. But our skies are now yellow, not with volcanic ash, but with the plumage of chickens coming home to roost.

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