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Dirty digs at 'cleanest' FF leadership battle

It was described as the cleanest Fianna Fáil leadership contest ever -- but there was still room for a few petty digs.

During the meeting where the contenders made their pitch, some were slightly impolite.

Ned O'Keeffe has long been the scourge of Brian Lenihan, blaming him for all the ills of the banks. He's been calling for Lenihan to resign for about the past year, before moving on to Brian Cowen.

As Lenihan made his speech, Ned -- who was the first man out of the traps for Micheál Martin -- got up and walked out.

And in a move that TDs saw as revenge, Mary 'Mammy' O'Rourke noisily took a phone call and walked out when Martin was laying out his stall.

Although we hear Mammy is also fond of talking on the blower at parliamentary party meetings.

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