Tuesday 20 February 2018

Dice are loaded in favour of banks, so how can customers beat the house?

Mortgage-related queries rose by 51 per cent
Mortgage-related queries rose by 51 per cent

THE banker always has the edge. The banker cannot lose. Until today, that is.

Now they have to take your complaints seriously, unless they want to be named and shamed. In the last five years it has been brought home to most of us, in a very painful way, just how powerless we are when faced with the huge financial institutions. And it's not just their very size that is used to frighten and intimidate us, but the dirty tricks and sneaky tactics — like drive-by valuations, the refusal to engage in a meaningful way when we need help, and the whole book-load of Catch-22 clauses that ensure it's always heads they win, tails you lose. Of course, that's only if you are the little guy, struggling to keep paying the bills — but still paying them — just. Or the couple who have fallen behind and face losing their home; or the little business that is a whole family's livelihood. This week, our top team of writers looks at the unethical behaviour of the money men and women who have so much control over our lives and so little apparent gratitude for the massive bank bailout we funded through our taxes. We look at some of the heart-breaking cases.

And we try to figure out — how can you win against the house?

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