Tuesday 20 February 2018

Developers may come and go but debts are here to stay for us to clear

People who owe the same as the GDP of an African nation still live comfortably in their mansions, writes Ronald Quinlan

'WHO knows? Perhaps in time we'll revise our revised opinion of the boom years. Perhaps when William and Kate come to call on us in 30 years time, we'll all troop down to the skeletal remains of the Anglo Irish HQ on the docks, lay a wreath beside the Prada till in BTs, invite the Dunne/Killilea grandchildren to come home and join the garden party. We can start a whole new round of forgiveness and reconciliation."

So said Ireland's high priestess of probity, Ombudsman Emily O'Reilly, in the annual Hennessy Lecture, which she delivered at the Royal College of Surgeons last month on the weighty subject of "the citizen and society in turbulent times".

One can only wonder what Sean and Gayle Dunne would make of O'Reilly's comments since neither wished to take up the invitation from the Sunday Independent to respond when invited to do so last week.

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