Thursday 22 February 2018

Denise Deegan: We don't need silly surveys to tell us the true meaning of this festive season

FOR the record, I love Christmas. I love the decorations – yes, all of them. I love the lights, the trees in windows, the movies about elves, the over-decorated houses. (I especially love the over-decorated houses.) I love Santa and surprises. I love the magic. So when I read the results of a survey of what Irish mums are feeling heading into Christmas this year, how did I feel it was way too jolly?

According to the survey, 61pc of Irish mums believe that "the recession has had a positive effect on how we celebrate Christmas, forcing us to step back from the over-commercialism of boom-times". Sorry but how long was that question? Did people say yes just to make it go away? As for the answer, are we all really that positive about not having as much to spend? Really?

There was a sex question. I thought that odd but read the findings with interest, as you do. At first glance, it seemed that 86pc of Irish mums intend to have more sex this Christmas.

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