Wednesday 21 March 2018

Denial bolsters our fine brand of eejitry

We're like drunken adolescents on a mad trip abroad, waiting for Daddy to bail us out, writes Declan Lynch

Eejitry, it seems, is a bottomless pit. Just as we're starting to cure ourselves of the disgraceful eejitry which has given us almost permanent government by Fianna Fail, in the first by-election under IMF rule we replace Fianna Fail with . . . Sinn Fein.

Yes, we've got a few bottomless pits out there. Indeed, we know no other kind of pit these days than the bottomless kind.

So it was probably inevitable that our pit of eejitry would have no end to it either, and not just in Donegal. Politics junkies are now calmly informing us that in the General Election Sinn Fein may benefit greatly from the protest vote. Which tells us another thing about this eejitry of ours -- the fact that it is underpinned always by a deep sense of denial. A bottomless pit of denial, indeed.

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