Tuesday 20 February 2018

Delaney's world of straight white men is far from reality

A truly open society should extend its freedoms to people who live outside the heterosexual norm, writes Alan Flanagan

Last week's article by author and journalist Eamon Delaney, entitled 'Loud and proud gays want to take over rest of society' is -- as you can imagine -- a sustained attack on the gay community for both their forced existence outside of what one would deem "normal" society, and for their attempts to secure the same rights and privileges as those living within that system.

However, what is more disturbing than the ideology underlying Mr Delaney's opinions -- as this is rhetoric expressed by everyone from religious hierarchies to those who are politically unimaginative -- is some sweeping assumptions in the article.

I am of course not saying that life is an unending trial for bisexual people, but people can have a tendency to be entirely dismissive of the mere existence of bisexuality. I sympathise, not as someone who is bisexual, but as someone who is gay. To grow up in a world of assumed heterosexuality is what doomed millions of gay people to live lives of quiet desperation. And while the gay rights movement has come a long way, our brothers and sisters that make up the "B" and "T" of the LGBT movement are still being left behind. For many bisexual people, this means never coming out -- denying your true self because you have the option of fulfilling the heterosexual norm that society has passed down to you.

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