Tuesday 24 April 2018

Declan Lynch: Why I do be listening to Marty's show

The cheerful old smoothie with showbiz in his soul is always there for his audience.

Declan Lynch

Declan Lynch

A few months ago I wrote about the increasing presence of lyric fm as the background music in the madhouse they call Ireland. And in particular I noted the contribution of Mr Marty Whelan in maintaining that fragile level of mental health which prevails among the citizenry.

You see there it is straight away – "the citizenry". That's what Marty would say.

Marty wouldn't say "the people" if he could say "the citizenry" instead. He wouldn't say that "Serge Gainsbourg is a Frenchman", he would say "ahhh, Serge Gainsbourg, and he to be all the way from the land of La Marseillaise and the liberte, and the egalite, and the fraternite".

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