Saturday 16 December 2017

Declan Lynch: Prohibition won't save any punters from their doom

A 'Celtic Tiger theme park' may not be quite as crazy as it looks to reasonable people, writes Declan Lynch

IF YOU took an "r" out of Two-Mile Borris, you'd have the name of a Russian porn star. Yes, even in the place-name, for all its apparent folksiness, there is now something of the night.

And the Russians love their gambling too, ideally on events the result of which is already known to them. But if you build this punter's paradise in Two-Mile Borris, will they come? Will anyone come?

Certainly the tycoon Richard Quirke and the devoted public servant Michael Lowry must be heartened by the initial response to their massive, massive casino project getting the thumbs-up from An Bord Pleanala -- most reasonable people are convinced that it can't work.

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