Monday 26 February 2018

Declan Lynch: Overtaken by spin-monkeys with corporate ambitions

A spurious sense of 'professionalism' has taken all the good out of the dark trade of the press, writes Declan Lynch

George Best had just died. And outside Old Trafford, as the TV reporters did their pieces to camera, a man was seen getting out of his car.

He explained to one of the TV crews that he was a press photographer, and that he would be grateful if they would let him use their lights for a picture he was about to take.

Recognising the need of a fellow practitioner with a deadline, the TV folk were able to observe him reaching back into his car to retrieve a single red rose. Solemnly, with the assured air of a man who had done such things many times before, he placed the rose with great care on the railings outside Old Trafford, along with a moving note of farewell to George.

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