Monday 11 December 2017

Declan Lynch: No leprechauns in the Nation of Paddy

In this brave new world, the Irish male would renounce all eejitry, writes Declan Lynch

AH... PADDY.... Paddy... what is to become of us?

I read with sadness the words of my friend and colleague Dion Fanning, reflecting on the terrible things he had seen at Euro 2012: "many might insist that the ease with which we now dress as leprechauns or some other mythical representation of the eejit shows a nation at ease with itself ... yet there is no evidence that we are at ease with anything, except when assisted by massive doses of alcohol or other sedatives".

He imagines a Million Man March, in which the Irish male displays a commitment to sobriety and a renunciation of eejitry, asserting the values of self-respect and dignity, rather than whatever he is asserting in his present condition -- sort of an anti-St Patrick's Day Parade. And if you think about it, for a long time, you can indeed imagine such a thing, and what it might mean.

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