Tuesday 20 February 2018

Declan Lynch: Cowensy -- the last real man

Brian Cowen's week had the structure of a heavy night's drinking, ending in the horrors, writes Declan Lynch

Last Sunday, it escaped the attention of the political reporters that Brian Cowen started his news conference at half-time during the Super Sunday match between Spurs and Man Utd.

Like any busy man these days, he was juggling his priorities, needing to get it done before the Six One News, but keenly aware that his followers would want at least the first half of the match under their belts before resuming the struggle for Fianna Fail.

As he walked onstage moments after they walked off at White Hart Lane, his timing just right for a change, it seemed that he hadn't lost his touch after all. And if any pol corr is scoffing at the notion that the Taoiseach would never allow a mere football match to enter his thoughts at a time like this, they do not know Brian Cowen.

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