Tuesday 20 February 2018

Declan Lynch: Caught offside by the 'stop relaxing' posse

Keysy and Graysy in their foolishness have brought a climate of fear down on us all, writes Declan Lynch

I freely admit that I don't know the offside rule -- in rugby. I hope that no-one will hold this against me, and I would argue that this gap in my knowledge says nothing about my general level of intelligence, or that of my gender. It's just that, basically, I don't give a damn about rugby.

If I cared about the game, I presume that I would have no trouble at all with the offside concept. And if you think about it for roughly two seconds, you'd realise that the same goes for women who care about football. Indeed, if they care about it enough to become a Premier League referee's assistant, chances are that their understanding of offside is as good -- if not even better -- than that of, say, Richard Keys.

And when you consider that their male counterparts are getting so many of the big decisions wrong, the idea that a female official might somehow lower the standard is completely illogical. Which is one of the reasons why the ancient prejudices of Keysy and Andy Gray were not just hostile towards women, they also presented their own gender in a very poor light. Logic, reason, consistency, accountability, these are the virtues of which men are most proud. That such an obvious train of thought should pass them by, tells us that they must be very far gone.

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