Thursday 14 December 2017

Declan Lynch: Bovine call for stability reveals lack of understanding

The political culture views the Independents as 'unreliables' who deserve only contempt, writes Declan Lynch

FOR his opening gambit in the Micheal Martin interview last Sunday, one of the presenters of RTE radio's This Week revisited the old, old story of George Best in a hotel being asked by the man who was cleaning his room: "Where did it all go wrong?"

Except he left out a rather important part of that old, old story. He left out the part about George being in the company of Miss World, on a bed covered with money that he had just won in the casino. He left out the part that made the story work, the context from which it derived its humour.

In fact, he appeared to miss the entire point of the story; the fact that, on the face of it, a lot of things seemed to have gone right for George on that night, creating the dynamic that turned the cleaner's sad question into a punchline.

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