Sunday 18 March 2018

Declan Doyle: Croke Park reforms should be imposed, not negotiated

The Government must act on reform because the partnership overlords will never do it, writes Declan Doyle

THE Croke Park agreement is dead, isn't it time it was given a decent Christian burial?

As a public servant, I have every reason to object to further pay cuts; the household charge, septic tank charge, rising motor tax, fuel costs, children's education etc, etc. But the idea that a desire to avoid being further punished financially is dependent on a 'reform' process that is an evidently failed adventure represents a Faustian pact of epic proportions, and one not of my making or in my name.

I am trapped in a bind whereby I want genuine reform but am required to stand behind the feeble edifice that purports to be 'progress' on Croke Park or face more financial abuse. Why on earth has it become such an ingrained social imperative in Ireland that failure to reform the public sector should be linked to the further financial punishment of largely poor and often struggling public servants? I have a modest proposal for the Government on reform -- start governing, fast.

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