Tuesday 20 February 2018

Debate fails to give reason for backing any of the hopefuls

TV view

Five television debates later, who gives a stuff about the aspirations of any of the presidential candidates?

Sorry, that's just the view of the plain people of Ireland, who have spent the past couple of months wondering: who are these candidates and why on earth would I be bothered voting for any of them?

Why isn't Katie Taylor running for president? She's too young. Why isn't Brian O'Driscoll going for the job? Too young, too. Seamus Heaney? He couldn't be bothered, nor could Bono or John Hume or whatever admirable Irish person you could think of. Instead, we're saddled with seven pretenders, all of whom have sufficient ego to put themselves forward for the role but none of whom seems like someone that the country might cherish, or even like.

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