Wednesday 17 January 2018

David Quinn: FF trying to be socially liberal but ends up as Father Trendy

Fianna Fail these days resembles nothing so much as a ship becalmed at sea. The great German writer and poet Goethe had some verse which perfectly describes its present plight: "Deepest silence rules the waters,/ Not a motion stirs the sea,/ And the sailor views the glassy/ Surface so uneasily./ Not a breeze from any quarter,/ Dreadful silence, still as death./ In the vast, appalling distance/ Not a ripple shows itself."

Nor is there likely to be a breeze or ripple for months or even years to come. The best Fianna Fail can hope for is that, as sections of the public begin to turn against this Government because of the unpopular decisions it must inevitably make, it will begin to capture some of its former support.

Meanwhile, the ship's captain, Micheal Martin, and his much-diminished crew are doing their best to tack this way and that in the hope of catching a fair wind.

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