Friday 15 December 2017

Darragh McManus: These emperors have no clothes

'The Naked Adventurer' sounds like a comical blue movie, something along the lines of those Confessions of a Window Cleaner flicks from the seventies (which I've never seen, honest, but my friend told me about them).

The Naked Adventurer -- a raunchy, rollicking cross between Ron Jeremy and Robin Hood! He steals (their clothes) from the rich and gives (good lovin') to the poor!

Sadly, though, that's not what it refers to. The Naked Adventurer is the faintly ludicrous title bestowed on Keith Whelan, an Irishman who attempted to row across the Indian Ocean single-handed (oh, do stop sniggering at the back). Unfortunately, the 30-year-old suffered an injury and had to be rescued after a few hundred clicks.

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