Wednesday 24 January 2018

Darragh McManus: Don't murder 'Love/Hate' with the same old faces

THE best thing about 'Love/Hate' is that it's so different to what's gone before. This is Irish television unlike anything we've seen.

It's not just the grittiness, though the show is unflinching in its portrayal of the deranged half-life of gangsters, and probably pushes the envelope further than ever in terms of sex, violence and language. But we've seen all those before, while dramas like 'Prosperity' revealed the depressing underbelly of Irish life. 'Love/Hate' is more than that.

It's different because, firstly, it's so good. The writing, acting, directing and cinematography are comparable to other great TV shows and movies. It's different in that it doesn't just show us terrible men doing terrible things: the programme tries to find a deeper truth, something universal.

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