Sunday 17 December 2017

Daragh McManus: Butt out, busybodies

Daragh McManus

In their relentless bid to stop us enjoying one of life's most sublime pleasures -- no, not that one -- anti-smoking lobbyists have decided to up the 'shock and awe' factor. (As in, they point out some shocking fact, and smokers just go "Aw, who cares?" and carry on puffing.)

These puritanical busybodies won't rest until grown adults of sound mind are no longer allowed to indulge in smoking -- a drug that, while admittedly bad for your physical health, has virtually no detrimental social effects. Nobody ever brained their best pal, beat up their wife, robbed a stereo, crashed their car, missed work or dropped out of school because of nicotine. Which makes it more preferable to 99% of all other drugs, legal or illegal.

Hell, even coffee -- which I also love with a passion bordering on obsessive -- can stop you sleeping properly and make you a bit tetchy. Whereas the old gaspers, aah ... they can transform a bitter, unpleasant cave-troll into the reincarnation of David Niven.

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