Friday 19 January 2018

Daniel O'Callaghan: Louts are in the minority, but the noise they make affects us all

Daniel O'Callaghan on how we went from an enjoyable distraction in Australia to an unwelcome plague

I ARRIVED in Australia in December 2009, originally planning to stay for a year. Like many others, I worked my way into a four-year visa and set out to settle here for the long term.

When you plan to live here for just one year, you never really give up on that temporary stay mentality. The weekend lasts from Wednesday to Sunday, and work is only an inconvenience. The problem with so many Irish is even when they secure sponsorship or extended-stay visas, they refuse to give up on their short-term outlook.

Ignoring the future must be comforting. They're not here to build a career or a future, they are here for a good time and believe they will eventually make their way home, grow up, mature and settle down.

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