Saturday 18 November 2017

Daniel McConnell: 'We're being hammered by taxes'

A raft of new levies undermines the report that found we live in a 'Club Med' regime

DEBATE: Senator Sean Barrett said that
DEBATE: Senator Sean Barrett said that "our expenditure on welfare is 29 per cent above the average... and we have to tackle this on multiple fronts'
Daniel McConnell

Daniel McConnell

We don't get a lot of sunshine in this country so the magnificence of the few days was a much needed boost. But just as our spirits lifted came a new blow to our delight.

Last Wednesday, those who listen to RTE's Morning Ireland awoke to be told that we Irish are the third least-taxed workers in Europe.

As the coffee brewed, we were told only the Mediterranean island of Malta and crisis-ridden Cyprus take less out of the pockets of workers.

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