Friday 23 March 2018

Curvy women rail angrily at shrink-to-fit Kaiser Karl

Lagerfeld's own weight issues may have led him to offend females with fuller figures, writes Aoife Drew

Catwalk king: Lagerfeld faces legal action over 'fat bias'
Catwalk king: Lagerfeld faces legal action over 'fat bias'
Aoife Drew

Aoife Drew

The smallest big man of fashion has done it again. Chanel designer Karl Lagerfeld has offended legions of women all over the world with a damning remark: "No one wants to see curvy women on the catwalk."

Following the comments, the pint-sized designer turned photographer is facing legal action in France from a women's group called "Belle, Ronde, Sexy et je m'assume" (Beautiful, Rounded, Sexy and Fine With It). Spokeswoman Betty Aubriere announced that the group has filed a defamation complaint, saying that Lagerfeld has displayed a defamatory and discriminatory attitude against models with fuller figures.

"There are a lot of young girls who don't feel comfortable in their skin and for them to hear comments like that is terrible," said Aubriere. "We want to see preventative measures in schools so that people understand that curves are often an illness or are genetic, and are not a symptom of poor diet. Today it's him who insults us and tomorrow who will it be?"

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